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Zinc-aluminum alloy gabion

 The zinc-aluminum alloy gabions are woven by 95% zinc and 5% or 10% aluminum coating wire, and it's also named as Galfan wire. This wire is different from the ordinary galvanized wire, with very good corrosion resistance, suitable for river training and slope protection, and other water conservancy projects. Galfan steel wire is a new international emerging material which is very popular in all over the world, expecially in developed countries, because the corrosion resistence is 3 times higher than the traditional pure zinc wire. The wire diameter of gabions is from 1.0mm to 3.0mm, and the tensile strength not less than 1380Mpa.

 Zinc-aluminum alloy gabions features and advantages
 Due to oxidation, the surface of galvanized steel wire gradually becomes gray, but zinc aluminum alloy wire will become black.
 Compared with ordinary galvanized gabions, the coating of zinc aluminum alloy gabions has strong adhesion, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance. Easier to install and convenient for construction. The stability of the zinc aluminum coating is similar as the pure aluminum coating, meanwhile the electrochemical protection of the zinc aluminum is the same as the pure zinc coating. So it's an ideal anti-corrosion protective layer against the seawater. We used this wire to weave our gabions in order to extend the gabions life. According to study and statistics this woven gabions can extend 5-10 life times!

Application for zinc-aluminum alloy gabions
Gabions are constructed as gabion retaining wall. Gabion retaining wall as a new type of retaining structure, with its low cost, ecological advantages, wide scope of application, the flexible deformation characteristics, has been more and more applied.
Gabions are ecologically used in managing the rivers such as stablize the bank, river slope and bottom protection, etc.
Gabions are used in bridge protection. Gabion Bridge has been widely used in bridges, piers and, slope protection.
Gabions are also widely used in other aspects such as mountain protection, river channel protection, etc.

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