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Welded Gabions
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Welded gabions
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Welded gabions

Weld gabions are manufactured from cold drawn steel wire and strictly conform to BS1052:1986 for tensile strength. It is then electrically welded together and Hot Dip Galvanized or Alu-zinc coated to BS443/EN10244-2, ensuring a longer life. The meshes can then be organic polymer coated to safeguard against corrosion and other weathering effects, especially when the gabions are to be used in salty and highly polluted environments. Our Alu-zinc mesh is coated using the Galfan process.
Lacing wire shall be provided separately for site assembly.
Welded mesh gabions are also available in Cylindrical and Sack form with diameters of 0.65m, 0.95m and in lengths of 2.0m and 3.0m, or other according to customers'specifications!

Advantages of welded gabions
Blends easily and harnoniously with the natural surroundings.
Low cost alternative to concrete or masonry structures.
Very high resistance to natural forces due to better tensile strength.
Withstand any unpredictable movement or settlement without loss of stability.
Simple and speedy installation, making welded gabions cost effective.
Quality finish and apperance is more aesthetically pleasing.
More rigid than woven mesh resulting in a more uniform finish when built.
Special gabions sizes and mesh configurations can be assembled to order.
Easy to vegetate.

Applications of welded gabions:
Welded gabions for River and canal training works
Erosion and scour protection, roadway protection
Hydraulic structures, dams and culverts
Coastal embankment works
Retaining wall structures
Rockfall and soil erosion protection
Welded gabion box
Gabion boxes are designed on the principle of mass earth retaining wall. The strength of the wire mesh helps to withstand the forces generated by the retained soil.


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