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Thoughts On Gabion Walls

On July 28th, 2009, the new movie Tangshan Earthquake directed by famous director Feng Xiaogang started shooting and the planner of the commencement ceremony planned to build a gabion wall on the spot. Gabion wall is form containers, that when filled with stone, provide an aesthetic method for retaining earth or controlling soil erosion. As a method for retaining earth, gabion baskets are stacked atop one another to form retaining walls, culvert headwalls, bridge abutments or bridge wing walls. Erosion control uses involve laying baskets or mattresses side-by-side on the ground to develop channel lining, bank protection, weirs and drop structures.

This movie is an introspection after the rare big earthquake happened on July 28th,1976 in Tangshan, which is also a mourning for countrymen who died in the Wenchuan earthquake occurred in May 12th and is an encouragement to those survivors in that earthquake.

After Wenchuan earthquake, the geological problems aroused wide concern. Sichuan is located in the transition belt between Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Szechwan Basin, influenced by topography, land feature, geological structure and frequent rainstorm, Sichuan is the area that geologic hazards easy to happen and happen frequently. According to statistics, every year nearly 100 thousand land slides which had a certain scale and caused damage happen in Sichuan province. In order to avoid the occurrence of disasters, we should take active action.


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