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Installation of Gabion box

1. Gabion basket as it arrives from manufacturer for assembly

Basic installation consists of the following steps: detailed installation specifications, provided by the manufacturer, should be reviewed and followed during installation. Improper installation can lead to collapse of the gabion revetment.
1. Place appropriately sized geotextile filter fabric on the stream-bank slope following the manufacturer's recommendations. Caution should be taken not to tear the filter fabric. A highly permeable fabric should be used.
2. Make an entrenchment into the stream bed at least one foot deep and large enough to hold the bottom row of baskets. The trench floor should be level along the project length. Pin the empty baskets into the stream bed with several steel rods that are three to four feet long.
3. Fill the wire baskets with stone. Tight layers, free of voids, should be formed when the stone is in place. A tight layer can be obtained by varying the size of the stone and may require some hand manipulation.
4. As the baskets are filled with stone, place wire reinforcements in each direction every twelve inches to retain the shape of the basket.(see the picture below)

Use wire reinforcements to retain rectangular shape and increase stability.
5. Secure the tops of the baskets with a galvanized wire and lace the baskets to each other(see the following picture). The length of wire needs to be about 1.5 times the length to be laced. Wire longer than 5 feet is difficult to handle. Secure one end at a corner, and lace the wire by alternating single and double loops at 5 inch intervals. Secure the wire again at the end.

Wire the baskets shut and wire them to each other.
6. Stagger the joints of the wire baskets during construction to make the structure stronger and more stable. Each row should be stair-stepped back from the previous row.
7. Any open area between the filter fabric and baskets should be backfilled with gravel to provide positive drainage. Open areas should be minimal if gabions are properly installed.
8. Where sunlight is available, dormant cuttings of willow or other rapidly-rooting species may be placed between the layers of baskets during constructions(the picture as below). The branches must be long enough to reach the undisturbed soil. Make sure the buds point out, toward the sunlight. See Guide07 for information on harvesting and using plant materials.

Cross section of vegetated gabion revetment.

Maintenance Requirements
The primary factor in maintaining a gabion revetment is the durability of the wire used in the basket. A gabion revetment is susceptible to wire deterioration. The stream's water quality should be within the manufacturer's recommendations. Broken wire needs to be replaced with galvanized or coated wire. A gabion revetment needs to be inspected annually and after high flow events. Any displacement or shifting of the wire baskets needs to be corrected immediately!

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