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How to Make a Galfan Gabion

Galfan Gabion Production
Galfan gabion is a rectangular or cylindrical wire mesh container filled with stone, soil or sand. The surface treatment of galfan offers a more homogenous, ductile and smoother coating than galvanized zinc. The result is that the galfan is less affected by abrasion. Gabion- galfan serve a variety of purposes; some of them help conserve soil and water while others reduce erosion along slope and banks. The easiest way to make galfan coated gabion mesh is to construct them on site, making them a natural extension of the landscape. When make the mesh, you should lay out a length of concrete reinforcement wire at the mesh site. If building on a bank, make sure the wire extends all the way up the edges of the bank. Then trim the concrete reinforcement wire as needed with wire cutters. The size and shape of this wire will determine the size and shape of your mesh. Make the layout of wire about twice the size of the mesh you intend to build, as you will eventually fold the wire over itself.
Then line the entirety of the concentrate reinforcement wire with a layer of chicken wire. Load a wheelbarrow full of large, medium-size and small rocks. Collect enough rocks to spread over the length of your galfan gabion. Thirdly, fill the top part of the concrete reinforcement wire- the part nearest the area you wish to protect from erosion -- with rocks by shoveling them from the barrow. Create an even layer of rocks about 6 inches to 1 foot high and 2-to-3 feet wide across the length of the wire. Spread a layer of sand or soil over the rocks, allowing it to fill the crevices between them. Pat down the soil with a shovel.
In addition, enclose the rocks by folding the remaining length of concrete reinforcement wire over them. Fasten the concrete reinforcement wire that is covering the rocks to the wire under the rocks by tying the layers together with lengths of thick wire cut from wire coat hangers.

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