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Gabions ecological characteristics
Because of gabions'permeability, anti-corrosion, durability, etc., gabions have been widely used in river channel protection, retaining embankment, slope protection and so on.
Gabions are folded and assembled into box or basket shaped container by heavy hexagonal wire netting. We fill the gabion box (gabion basket) with certain desirable stones to form a permeable, flexible and ecological protection structure.
Ecological functions
On the surface of gabion box or gabion mattresses can grow grass and other green plants through sprinkling a layer of soil or natural sedimentary soil. Gabions can protect river and strengthen afforestation.
Laying hexagonal wire mesh for protecting mountain slope, tress and grass and other plants can grow through the wire mesh. Hexagonal wire netting of slope protection can fix rocks and the most important slope gabions are good at landscaping, meanwhile make use of green plants to hold soil and prevent hillside rocky desertification.
Inside of the gabion box or gabion mattress, the air voids among stones provide advantages for the water flowing, achieve exchanges between the water system and natural soil, create the living environment for aquatics and micro-organisms, thus installation of gabions can enhance water self-purification ability and protect and improve water quality.
Gabions are free-draining walls constructed by filling large baskets with broken stone. The baskets are made from galvanised steel mesh, woven strips, or plastic mesh. The permeability and flexibility of gabions make them suitable where the retained material is likely to be saturated and where the bearing quality of the soil is poor.
Gabion retaining wall or gabion protection slope have much air voids, becuase there are interspace among stones, so the leaking water can be drained away. This function decrease the probability that the retaining wall is damaged by water while the deformation of the wall can cushion the impact of unexpected external force. This function can guarantee the durability of the gabion retaining wall, which is also an positive aspect for the environment protection.
Aesthetic effect of gabions: gabions easy to structure and color diversity, can provide us with a wide range of design, suitable for different geographic regions of the landscape requirements. Combined with flowers, trees, presents to the people of the man-made environmental landscape.
Application life: the steel wire of gabions will have been zinc coated, PVC coated or Galfan wire, or others adopt stainless steel materials, the service life has been tested. Even in high polluted area the anti-corrosion of gabions is also reliable.
Using gabions or heavy hexagonal wire netting can meet the needs of environment protection, meanwhile gabions and hexagonal wire mesh have been favorite by the users and designers.
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