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Application of gabions
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Gabion rockfall embankment protection

Gaions are used for rockfall embankment protections are to stop rockfall and debris from falling onto roads, railways or where there is possible loss of property or life. Gabion rockfall embankments are made of pre-assembled products like Terramesh, Green Terramesh, gabions or a combination of them.
Gabions embankment protection system is an ideal solution when it is not possible to intercept falling rocks or prevent them from detaching, due to the slope being too large, or inaccessible.

The stone gabions can control water flowing volume and protect water resource from running off in holding the water resource and protecting and controlling the zoology.

Features and benefits of gabion rockfall embankment
Heshuo gabions are used for very high energy absorption impact up to 5000KJ.
Gabion mesh that composes the reinforcement has been evaluated for many years durability
The continuous gabion mesh that forms the facing element and the reinforcement section allows for a perfect integration by minimizing the possibility of failure of the facing.
The versatility of the facing elements allows for a perfect integration with the environment and the surrounding with less visual impact.

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