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Gabion retaining wall

Gabions are a well-tried structure system, which is used for the construction of retaining walls. These retaining constructions are composed of box-shaped elements made out of big galvanized wire with hexagonal meshes. The meshes will be filled with natural stones. Gabion structures are flexible, eco-friendly, long-lasting and describe an economic option to concrete walls and finished part walls. They assimilate unobtrusive in the surrounding landscapes.
Heshuo gabions wall are constructed with natural stones. As drainage occurs soil particles are deposited into the small voids of the natural stone allowing the vegetation to grow. Gabion retaining walls are flexible structures where the design is based on the mass of the gabions providing stability against the disturbing forces due to the soil and surcharges.

Gabion walls are inclined at 6 degrees from the vertical to improve stability, with the correct gabion specification. The inclination can be increased normally to a maximum of 10 degrees which can provide cost savings in design. Care should be taken in designing vertical walls because of their flexible nature.
Gabion walls can either be designed with a stepped or flush face to suit requirements. Planting on the steps can be achieved to green up gabion structures. Flush faced walls can be Clad with Timber if the aesthetics of a stone face are not in keeping with the environment.
The gabion wall system proved to be an economical and an appropriate system for the application!

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